Technical Documentation

Once your product has been delivered it will still have to be maintained and, possibly, repaired.  Good product documentation makes these processes easier for your customers and helps your products stand out.

Frangus use the latest product documentation software to turn the models of your product into high quality documentation. 

A picture is worth a thousand words so, wherever possible, we use graphics to communicate with the reader.  This is doubly important when selling to markets in other languages where pictorial documentation can eliminate translation costs.

Increasingly, animations are used in electronic and web-based documentation and, again, Frangus can produce these assets directly from the original design models.

Follow the links above to discover how Frangus can assist with your product or projects.

Assembly Instructions 

Operating Instructions

Maintenance Instructions

Repair Procedures

Assembly Animations

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Assembly Documentation

Please click the image above to open a short document illustrating an assembly process.

Animated Documentation

Click on the image above to see how an animation can be used for assembly instructions.