Welcome to Frangus Ltd

Frangus can help solve your engineering problems through a full range of engineering design services for concept development, design, documentation and virtual prototyping of machines and mechanical products all types.

For companies which cannot justify an in-house engineering team Frangus acts confidentially in the roles of Chief Engineer, Drawing Office, Technical Author and Competent Person.

For many of our clients we provide individual services to 'fill in the gaps' to assist in completing and maintaining the Technical Construction File required by law and, for mechanical products, facilitating CE marking.

For others we provide a full service from the initial brainstorming session right through to production.

Follow the links or click the images below above to discover how Frangus can assist with your product or projects.


Make it Work

3d modelling allows us to see how all the parts fit together, how mechanisms will work and what parts will clash. Click the image to learn more about this powerful technique and how it aids the whole design, engineering and documentation process.

rendered model

Make it Real

Turning your models into photo-realistic images and animations to provide assets for marketing, documentation and training. Click the image to find out more.


Make it Safe

Virtual prototyping systems - including Finite Element Analysis, Tolerance Stack Analysis, Physical Dynamic Analysis and others - allow us to  check that designs are strong, robust and safe. Click the image to find out more.


Make it Right

Fully detailed and toleranced engineering drawings produced directly from the models ensure that every detail of the design is clearly presented for manufacture.


Make it Clear

Frangus technical authors can produce all kinds of technical publications including assembly and test procedures, marketing and technical brochures.

CE Marking

Make it Legal

Frangus can assist with the CE marking of mechanical products.  please click the image to find out more.