Visualisation: Rendering and Animation

By rendering a 3d model in a high quality photo rendering application Frangus can produce very realistic images showing how the final product will look.

This is of great advantage in getting across the concept of the product to potential buyers, financiers and users.

High quality rendered images can be used for websites, social media posts, advertising posters, brochures and flyers to help gain market traction whilst the product is still in development.

Frangus Engineers can also create rendered animations of your product in action to further enhance understanding and awareness.

See the gallery images for examples.

3d modelling 

Photo-realistic imaging & animation

Detailed manufacturing drawings

Instruction & maintenance documentation

Virtual prototyping

CE Marking

Placeholder image

Balustrade Systems

A number of images of different designs were created to illustrate design analysis reports for a major West-Midlands manufacturer.

Placeholder image

Innovative Post Handler

One of three concept designs for a post handler to be used with truck-mounted cranes.

The images in this gallery were used within the design presentation document from which a single design was chosen to be manufactured.